Have you damaged your guitar?

If you’ve had an accident with your guitar, don’t despair. I’ve fixed everything from broken switches to guitars which have come into my workshop in several pieces!

I can undertake all your repair needs from small to large in my own on-site workshop. I can fix Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars and provide setup and fret replacements. 

Broken Acoustic Guitar Fixed by Guitar George

Guitar Repairs I can help with

Electric Guitar Repairs

I can undertake all kinds of repair work to your electric guitar, from a simple switch replacement to a complete re-wire.

Broken Acoustic Guitar Fixed by Guitar George

Acoustic Guitar Repairs

Broken your beloved Guitar?  Fear not I may be able to fix it.If you’ve damaged your Acoustic Guitar it’s a very good idea to have it fixed as soon as possible.
Setup - Guitar George


Is your Beloved Guitar in need of a little TLC?  Is not quite performing as it should?  Is it just plain worn out?  A cheap guitar with a good setup will play much better than an expensive one with a bad setup.

Fret Replacement by Guitar George

fret Replacement

There comes a point when frets are beyond dressing.  At this point you could either throw the guitar away, replace the neck or I could replace the existing frets with new ones.

Take a look at some of my latest repairs

US Fender Stratocaster – Re-Fret

Just now and again something really nice comes across the bench.  In this case an early 90s US Stratocaster.  What's nice, and almost a little odd is the condition.  The …

Fender Broken Headstock

Ouch!  Bet that hurt.... Luckily it's a clean break, along the grain and the parts fit together well.  The veneer on the face of the head has kept it together.  The …

To hear it, you’d never think it had suffered

“After finding it face down on the floor with its head broken off, I thought I’d never play it again. Guitar George did an absolutely fantastic job of repairing it and to hear it, you’d never think it had suffered. I am eternally grateful to Guitar George.”

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