The Story of the Guitar Heroes

What a fantastic night out, watching The Story of the Guitar Heroes in the New Theatre Royal Lincoln.  I’ve been struggling for more years than I care to remember to master the Guitar, I could practice for 25 hours a day for the next 200 years and I’ll still not achieve these levels! The playing […]

Gretsch – Setup

I do love a big semi-acoustic. For a Chinese made guitar these are excellent value.  This one’s been fiddled around with a little though, so it needs a setup. It’s fairly new so doesn’t really need any cleaning as such, but a splash of lemon oil never goes amiss. A little polish on the top before […]

Custom Stratocaster – Build

I usually enjoy a complete guitar build, something to get my teeth into and turn out something nice.  It helps to work with the customer first mind you, to make sure I get bits that work together.  The trouble with cheaper parts, from various places it can be a bit of a challenge! At first […]