Martin – Bone nut and saddle

How does your guitar sound?  One simple improvement is to replace the existing nut and saddle with bone ones… I’m a traditionalist and I really like traditional bone nuts and saddles. To make sure I get the size exactly right I need to get the action setup properly first.   The neck was a little […]

Tanglewood – Lowered action

What if the action on your acoustic is a little high?  It can be an easy fix. This one is a little high so I’m going to give it a general setup. Starting with the neck relief.  I always start that with the old strings, otherwise I’ll have to take the new ones off and […]

Tanglewood Setup

This one is a little unusual. Normally when someone brings an acoustic for a setup it’s because the action is too high…. But once I’d put the new strings on this one was a little low… The truss-rod was actually to tight so there was too much curve in the neck as well, that’s only […]

Partial Re-Fret

This one’s seen some action, mostly around the open chords.  The first 3 frets are really worn but the rest are probably OK.  If I file them all down to the level of the grooves up there, then there’ll be practically nothing left! Off with the strings and nut and out with the first 3 […]

Jay Turser – Fret dress and bone nut

Got handed this one with a “What can you do with this”?  Mainly it’s just missing a nut and one of the bridge pins.  The frets are a little worn as well so I’m going to give them a dress as well. It’s seen a lot of action around those open chords.. Once they’re level, […]

Fender Acoustic – Setup with lower action

There’s nothing worse than trying to learn the guitar on one that’s really hard to play!  The action on this one was very high which is only ever going to give you sore fingers! Measuring up at the 12th fret the action’s way too high… The frets are a little uneven so I’ll never be […]

Santa Cruz – Setup and action lower

What a beautiful Guitar.  Really nicely made, but with a rather high action. The neck set was about right, so nothing I can do there. The frets are nice and even so I can afford to bring the action down by quite a bit. Up at the 12th fret the action is much too high… […]