Tanglewood – Broken heastock

Rather a bad break, with big chunks of wood missing….SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAFirst thing first, remove the out of place splinters so that the 2 halves knit together and glue the head back on…SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Using wood filler to replace the missing pieces, a bit of a mess…SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI’ll never be able to hide the crack on the face of the head so I’m going to glue on a thin veneer and lacquer that..SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

We’ve lost the “Tanglewood” name but at least the crack is hidden.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWith that done I gave the rest of the guitar a good clean and oil…


Doesn’t look too bad..


At least it’s playable again!


A word or two from the owner..

“This is my guitar. After finding it face down on the floor with its head broken off, I thought I’d never play it again. Guitar George did an absolutely fantastic job of repairing it and to hear it, you’d never think it had suffered. I am eternally grateful to Guitar George. Thank you :-D”

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