What are the best replacement pickups?

A question I often get asked:  What are the best replacement guitar pickups available to upgrade my Guitar?

Quite simple:  Radioshop Pickups.  They make a fantastic range of hand wound pickups and come right at the top of my list of upgrades…

I’ve just fitted a pair of P90s to an Epiphone Casino.  Rather than a complete new set of pickups the re-wound the existing Epiphone ones.  And what a transformation, it now sounds as god as it looks

The trouble with these semi-acoustics though, It’s rather like key-hole surgery, getting it all out via the pickup holes..

Epiphone Casino with pickup wiring removed in order to replace the pickups with Radioshoppickups Epiphone Casino with replacement Radioshop Pickups

Along with the new pickups I also fitted a bone nut, I always think it improves the tone and sustain.

Replacement Bone Guitar Nut Epiphone Casino with wiring for Radio Shop pickups and hardware replaced

And there it is, sounding fantastic…

Epiphone Casino with Radioshop Pickups

For anything else go to www.guitar-george.co.uk and for other pickup options go to www.radioshoppickups.com