The Story of the Guitar Heroes

What a fantastic night out, watching The Story of the Guitar Heroes in the New Theatre Royal Lincoln.  I’ve been struggling for more years than I care to remember to master the Guitar, I could practice for 25 hours a day for the next 200 years and I’ll still not achieve these levels!

The playing was outstanding, and switching between the differing playing styles and guitars was incredible.  So much more than just a set of tribute bands, a whole history.

From a Guitar Technicians point of view I would just love to get my hands on some of those guitars, some beautiful instruments there.

The Story of the Guitar Hero Stage



Managed to meet the main man, Phil Waker, on the way out, in the vain hope some of that talent will rub off!  Definitely need to keep an eye open for the show passing through Lincoln again, or anywhere else on my travels for that matter.

Guitar George with Phil Walker at the New Theatre Royal Lincoln

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