Burns Steer – Setup

What a great looking guitar.  I’ve never really liked Burns guitars but this one’s rather lovely.

It’s an odd sort of thing, It’s got a sound hole, but there really isn’t any sound coming out of it?

Some of the frets are a little worn….

and just a little uneven.

A fret dress will sort out both problems.

So, off with the neck and out with the nut.

Level the neck…

Tape it up to protect it, some black marker so I can see where the file is touching.  As soon as I start you can see the low and high spots…

Once I’m down to the lowest point I can re-crown each fret.

and then re-polish them.

Finish that off with a good clean-up of the fretboard and it’s good to go, well good to re-fit it to the body.

The screws in the bridge are all a little gumed up and corroded..

So pull them all out and give them a good clean with a dremel and a wire brush.

Give the base a good polish and a spot of oil on the screws

The pots were a little lose but still had some of the original plastic film from the pick-guard.  Again, just a bit of a cleanup needed.

The pots’ were a little grubby inside as well, making them crackle as they were turned, so a little switch cleaner.

Once the strings were back it became obvious that the neck wasn’t quite on straight.

So just slacken off the screws a little and re-set it.

That’s better.  

All it needs now is a standard 5 point setup.

No.1 The neck relief..

with a tweek on the truss-rod.

No.2  The action at the 12th fret.

Start with the outside “E” strings.

and then the other 4, to match the bridge radius with that of the fret-board.

No. 3  The action at the 1st fret.

Fine on the treble side but a little high on the E and A strings.

No. 4 The Intonation.

No. 5  The pickup heights.

There it goes, plays every bit as good as it looks now.

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A word or 2 from the owner:

“An absolutely stunning job George, thank you for taking the Steer & turning it into a raging bull, a total joy to play now after spending 10 years as a piece of wall art”