Upgrades – Hardware

Want a better guitar but don’t want to splash out on a completely new one?  Then why not just upgrade what you have with some better hardware?

Some of the simplest upgrades can make quite a difference:

Bone Nut:

Just click here to see more about bone nuts

A Bigsby Temolo:

Of course a Bigsby Tremolo may look fantastic but they’re not renown for their tuning stability.  How about a bridge with a set of roller saddles to go with it…


Something else that can cause tuning stability problems are the windings of strings around the machine head post.  How about  set of locking heads…


What about Gibson Autotuners?  The jury is still out on those, I can either fit or remove them..


Or something as simple as a new “poker chip” switch label..


Hand engraved Tele’ hardware…