Just some of the genuine feedback from previous customers.  Just click on the blue title to see the job in full…..

“It plays well now thanks to George”

“An absolutely stunning job George, thank you for taking the Steer & turning it into a raging bull, a total joy to play now after spending 10 years as a piece of wall art”

“And plays a lot better love this guitar, I’d recommend George 100% bb”

“Thanks ‘George’ for the great work plays great now – can highly recommend – it will be out in public tomorrow night at the NAV in Newark”

“George transformed my Fender Showmaster with a fret dress/level and set-up at a very fair price. Loving it!”

“I couldn’t be happier with your work the action is awesome and it plays just great. I might have another favourite guitar )) Thx again mate always great work )) .”

“Thank you George another top job matey,  Sounds Awesome mate so pleased”

“So got the guitar back home and have to say it’s awesome what a turn round. Not only have you sorted the looks but the action and sound is awesome.
Cheers George you da man x))”

  • Ibanez RG – Service and Setup

    “Very happy with the work George has done. Was about to throw the guitar into the back of the garage and buy a new one. As good as new!

     Will definitely be back with more guitars!”

  • Squire Stratocaster – Service and Setup

“Hi George

Just a short note to say ‘Thank you’ for the set up you completed on my Squier Strat this week. I’ve been playing it acoustically every night since I collected it and there is a big improvement in ‘playability’ (if that is actually a word) but today I had the house to myself and had it plugged in and turned up. It plays really well and I am very happy with the improvement for what was a relatively modest outlay.

 All the best


“My Mexican Strat is great George, thanks very much……”

“Thanks for sorting it out for me George. It was nearly unbearable before you leveled the frets and set it up. My go to guitar now. Plays extremely well.”

“I took my prized Gibson Les Paul to George as the frets were a little uneven and causing buzzing on some notes. He recommended a fret dress/levelling in addition to a full set up. I got my guitar back today and I am blown away by how well it plays now. George has done a fantastic job. The frets look/feel as good as new and the set up is perfect! I’m really pleased with the result and highly recommend Guitar George for all your guitar maintenance and repairs. In addition to the top notch service George is also a really nice, friendly guy!”

“Absolutely fabulous job on my custom build, with a Fender body and a custom neck.
The previous guitar that I had would choke and not sound right when I played it but now with the build that George had done, it sounds beautiful and I am unbelievably grateful to George

Thank You”

“Nice job, George thanks very much, my working acoustic for teaching with is back up and running. Appreciate it the cracking job, thanks”.

“Great job mate on my long and at times frustrating journey and for making a superb job assembling my 56/58 fender Stratocaster.

This project is building with original parts this iconic instrument.

Your help and workmanship was at all times of the highest quality showing all the necessary skills and integrity on such a personal and important project.

Well done and thank you.

Russell Moore”

“Thanks George, another great job and the Freshman Pick-up sounds incredible.”

“Hi George, a fantastic job and a really nice sounding guitar. I’m sure the pictures don’t do justice to the hard work you put in setting this up.

“I purchased this vintage acoustic to add to my small collection of economy 50’s and 60s styled guitars. Vintage had done a good job regarding the general appearance and finish, yet they clearly hadn’t paid the same attention to its playability which was disappointing. I was obviously aware it was a very cheap guitar, but had at least expected it to be useable – which it wasn’t. I left the guitar with George to see what he could do with it. When I collected the guitar the improvements George had made (at a very reasonable cost) were unbelievable. The guitar is now extremely nice to play in every respect and as an unrequested bonus he has also made it sound fantastic. Its playability now has more in common with a high quality guitar. Though never my original intention, I would happily record with this £150.00 guitar, and how often can we say that?

Thank you so much George, Steve”

“I purchased this pretty Giannini guitar off eBay purely for its looks, which was just as well as it was the most difficult guitar to play I have ever owned; anyone playing it could be forgiven for believing it had simply been designed to hang on a wall. I fitted new tuning pegs, a Hofner bridge and tail piece which instantly improved its looks – and I have to admit it went from playing horribly to playing horribly and looking great.

A friend advised me to either replace the lower pick up with a clock and keep it on the wall or to get it set up by Guitar George, I chose the latter and I am so pleased with the result. George did a brilliant job, he changed the guitar from being at best a great stage prop to becoming a budget guitar that now out-performs many premium brands costing several times its initial purchase price, for a very reasonable set up cost.

George you’re a genius!
Thank you very much,

“Mine is the Hybrid Tele that George worked his magic on. 1972 Neck and some other original parts but a homemade body that was truely awfulI. It was unplayable! I asked him to use as much of the original guitar as he could. He did and gave the rest a modern twist. I didn’t want to pretend the whole guitar was original and with Georges advice I couldn’t be happier with the result. A true one-off. I think it looks gorgeous and the tones available are great. Thanks so much for your skill George. It was a real pleasure talking over the project with you and then the end result was way better than I dared hope. You are the man! Thanks.”

“From new this lovely guitar just wasn’t right. I had tried various string gauges and as the guitar came with two bridges, a floating ebony one and a “tune-o-matic” one, for some reason I wasn’t happy with either. Also the binding of the strings needed professional attention particularly as I wanted to change to a heavier gauge. I’m totally happy with the adjustments George has made. Many thanks George for a super service!”

Yamaha Electric…..

“Dear George – just wanted to thank you for sorting out my 2 guitars. The Yamaha electric, although some years old and not the most expensive guitar, has come out like new. The Fender electro-acoustic, which I struggled with from the start 2 years ago, is now playable following the set up. Cheers.”


“You did an awesome job on it matey thank you”

“This is my guitar! It sounds fantastic now George, thank you very much

“Thanks George, I’m very happy with the result I can’t put the thing down now”

“I’d bought this guitar on line because it looked great and I knew the build quality to be excellent. I’ve owned quite a few high end guitars over many years, so know what feels right and this one felt very WRONG!

Robin Hood would have been proud of the bow in the neck and I knew it was a job for an expert.

I keyed in “guitar repairs in Lincolnshire” on my computer and found George, who turned out to be an unassuming guy with the ability to quickly diagnose and fix the problems at an agreed price and within his estimated time frame.

George has transformed this beautiful but unplayable gee-tar into a musical instrument to treasure.

My grateful thanks to a top guitar technician”.


“Cracking job matey sounds and looks great many many thx George!!

“George is a great and friendly guy, extremely knowledgeable and just the guy to talk to guitars about. I highly recommend him If you’re wanting or needing any work professionally done on your instrument then he’s your man. Had my guitar set up through him and it now plays and sounds a great deal better then before I took it to him. Cheers fella”

Got in touch with George after being impressed with his work on his website. My tele now plays incredibly. Have already got some friends interested! Will be visiting again soon for a pickup swap out.

Thank you again George!!”

“Hi George. Great job on my Tele. Plays like a dream and stays put. Changing the saddles and setting it up has made a huge difference.”

“Can’t thank you enough. Improved the tone and vastly improved the playability. Will certainly be back for a bone nut in the future.

“thank you George for the work on my burns cobra I must say you do a brilliant job you really know your job I wouldn’t know where to start thank you so much for the work. steve.”

“just had my burns marquee special done had new nut and fret dress new strings and full setup it now sounds and feels beautiful many thanks George.” Steve

  •  Les Paul – Bone nut and setup

“Recently had a bone nut installed, fret dress and full settup done. My les paul plays and sounds so much better now, big improvement. Very happy with it now. Will definitely use George again for any other guitar services. Many thanks again”

“After finding it face down on the floor with its head broken off, I thought I’d never
play it again. Guitar George did an absolutely fantastic job of repairing it and to hear it, you’d never think it had suffered. I am eternally grateful to Guitar George. Thank you :-D”

“I took my 335 to George as it just wouldn’t stay in tune for more than five minutes, had a horrible action and was an all round pig to play. I’d wanted a 335 since being a youth and this guitar was supposed to be the purchase of a lifetime! A real disappointment when buying an expensive guitar.

George knew exactly what to do and now it plays as I’d imagined it would as a youth. Thanks George you did a grade A job.”

“Yes, a truly fabulous guitar and thanks for setting it up to my liking George. The addition of flat wound strings really do bring that Ric sound alive. Having not played a guitar seriously for about 25 years it’s down to some proper work now!”

“Picked her up this morning, and it’s everything I Wanted it to be. I have had several new and a few old Gibsons ( in fact one of them will be heading to George at some point) and none of them play like this beauty. Because she is a custom build, she hadn’t even seen strings before George got hold of her. What a fantastic job, every fret is silky smooth, no sharp edges and the action is perfect not a buzz or dead note anywhere.

 It’s funny as you talk to George because you get the feeling that he forms a proper relationship with every instrument that enters his shop, I mean he really Susses out every little foible and niggle, and properly sorts it.

 I will definitely be using George again in the future, and will recommend him to anyone and everyone. A proper craftsman and a true gentleman.”

“Hi George – thanks for servicing My baby……the cherry red Epiphone S200. She has always been a superb guitar – handles like a strat` but sounds like a les paul but with a much more versatile range of tones. Still looks and sounds awesome even after 30 years !  So good to have her home again  :)”  Simon

“Thanks George, you have ironed out any of the issues I had with my jag . She plays fantastic again . Greatly appreciated.”

“I just wanted to say what a great job you did sorting out my Sambora guitar. It now plays and looks fantastic, so much so I have hardly put it down since I got it back from you (hence the delay in commenting) Cracking job, well done.”

“Many thanks to ‘George’ for the work carried out on my Tele.

I have had the guitar since new (it is a 1973), but never had any serious maintenance work done until this!! I thought it was time for a little TLC!

I am hoping to use the guitar this weekend at a reunion gig in Chesterfield ….. I have been playing it in the studio and it feels so much better ….. I will let you know how I get on with it!!

Many thanks to ‘George’ for all the work!!”

“I thought I’d drop you an email to say a massive thank you for the work on the two guitars I sent to you.

The Washburn looks and plays like a new guitar!!! Although I wanted to restore it for sentimental reasons (it was indeed my first guitar) it has turned out better than expected. Thank you for keeping me updated and it was a pleasure to give you freedom to do as you saw best!!

Anyway, thanks for your help and the top notch work carried out. I know where to pass anyone who wants any guitar work in the future!!!”

“The only guitar repair man I’ll use from now on! George turned my shabby playing Kramer into what feels like a dream! Definitely sorted the problems it had out and will use again! Thanks George!”

“Nice clean up and set up George, plays nicely,

“Has done a fantastic job giving some much needed TLC to an old and worn favourite. She’s still old and worn (like her owner), but her beauty now shines through. Thanks George.

“Having just managed to acquire the ‘girl’ of my dreams (after 30 odd years), I was a little disappointed with the height of the action. Asked George to make her playable and remove the stupid pick up cover. She now purrs beautifully and can get my right hand comfortable. Cheers George, excellent job!

“As promised the playability of my guitar is now greatly improved thanks – Russell”

“Great work, great attitude!   Would recommend his work , he will take the care We all request, and speedy too!   Well done. Russell”

Thanks for the outstanding job George. It now sounds stunning, particularly as it’s a “reasonably priced” guitar. Much more pleasurable to pick up play

“For those that have seen the piccies of the Red Telecaster, George has done a fantastic job on setting it up, it now sounds as a Telecaster should, I am so pleased . Would highly recommend guitarists to contact George. Not only good at what he does but a great bloke too.

Many thanks George.”

  • Fender Stratocaster – Fret Dress, new pickups and setup

“Hi George,

Thanks for a great job, the sound is spot on and thank you for the after care service regarding fine tuning the bridge.

Kind regards


“Fantastic service! The guitars have never played better. Perfect action, great tone and all done in under a week. Will be sure to return in the near future.”

“Hi George

Just to say thank you so much for the work you did on my old Squier Strat. It stays beautifully in tune now with the new machine heads fitted and the fret dress. The new nut & set up have really made the old thing a delight to play. I have been practicing all weekend and love the new action and I feel sure the bone nut has improved the tone?

Great job!!

See you soon for the electronics upgrade.”

“So it went in with quite a bit of fret buzz, the intonation wasn’t great and it just generally needed a good clean and a good setup. The guitar had been used a lot by the previous owner and also by me and because I love this guitar so much I decided it was about time I got it looked at. So I took it to George and I have to say I’m extremely glad I did! I was astonished at how much better it played when I got it back. The action is lower like I wanted and I can really tell a difference in the playability. Plays like a dream. If you’re thinking of getting your guitar seen to, look no further, this is the man! Excellent job George, thanks a lot”

“Hi George, Having got home from picking up my guitar, following the work you have carried out and plugged it in, I can only say you have transformed this 8 year guitar which has been played hard most of its live, into the most playable guitar I have held strong words but the Tonatily of this guitar is outstanding, many, many thanks.

I would highly recommend you to all guitarists requiring fret dress or any thing you are the man.”

“Sorry George but it was definitely wishful thinking too hope I’d forget about my Rickenbacker! You ve taken my water damaged Rick and made it look and sound brand new. Absolutely delighted with the service you ve provided. I can t recommend your work highly enough. If anyone reading this is thinking of getting their prized guitar serviced or repaired then don t hesitate to go to George. I can guarantee he will work his magic on it.  Thanks once again”


“What a fantastic job! The guitar sounds better than it ever did. I am extremely pleased with the work you have done – thank you!”

“Well, it was a brave move to ask for a slight modification to an original 1974 Telecaster but the bridge pickup on full was just too thin sounding with a unpleasant high pitch.

 George’s little resistor mod and an electronics clean-up coupled with a fretboard and fret clean has transformed the playing experience for me. What was once a guitar I’d only play for short periods it was put through a 3hr band rehearsal with no issues at all. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference!”

“Hi George – thanks for the work on My beloved Epiphone acoustic as shown in your blog. She got used for 2 sets last night and it is back to her lovely best again. You did a great job for Me.Thanks again”

“Having bought this guitar back in the early nineties, I’ve had plenty of time to get it in a bad way. And it was! So embarrassingly I handed it over to George. He made an assessment of the required work and quoted me a very reasonable price. The guitar plays just as I required and some. Over the moon with it. George really does know his craft and although the guitar is not “his cup of tea” went way beyond what I was expecting. The Floyd Rose is beautify balanced and the scratchy electrics are gone, the fret board is better than when new, Its a joy to play with the action as specified. Thanks George….1st class service.”


“Picked her up and took her straight to a gig, where she performed Brilliantly and sounded fantastic. Thanks George.”

Guys, fellow guitar lovers it doesn’t get any better than this bespoke guitar service. The quality and individualism is second to none…..cheers Guitar George 🙂

Thanks very much for making my Guitar sound better than ever!
The set up and action are just right. There is no more fret buzz. The guitar looks and plays like brand new.
You have done a fantastic job.

 “This work has made my guitar what it should have been when it first left the Gibson factory. A little bit disappointed with Gibson, but George has done some excellent work and now couldn’t be happier!”

“Hey George!        Just wanted to say thank you for an incredible job on my Encore Strat. I recently inherited the guitar from a mate who didn’t want it anymore as he had a fairly decent collection and I wanted an electric to go alongside my Crafter acoustic. Being a songwriter and drummer more than a guitar expert I figured I’d bring it in to get looked at just to see if it needed any work doing. I had no idea it was in such a state and would need so much work doing. I will certainly be taking much better care of it than it must be used to after you’ve done such a fine job. Just wanted to say thanks again mate!          Cheers,”        To see the Guitar click here

 “Over the moon with the recent return of my Epiphone Emperor. Vintage spec replacement componants, combined with a top drawer set-up really has made this guitar something quite special. George’s attention to detail and highest spec parts have made a real difference. Looks, plays and sounds like a guitar 3 or 4 times it’s original purchase price. Couldn’t be happier with it-thankyou George!”   To see the project in full click here.

“Hi George, just a quick message to say thanks for the work on my Strat. The ‘mods’ you suggested have worked a treat. And sounds way more ‘Strat-ish’ now. Looks real good too-loving the gold stratchplate! I know where I’ll be sending my next project! Do you do spraying? I’m interested in a change of colour for my Jazzmaster-maybe to a nice Surf green.”

The answer is, of course, yes,  I can sort out a re-spary.  To see the Stratocaster click here.

“I now own this bass. I saw it before George worked his magic on it and it was looking a little tired and in need of some TLC. Once it was complete there was a real difference to the action and the feel of the guitar. It looked a lot brighter and  apart from a couple of very deep gouges that couldn’t just be polished out it looks and feels as good as new. Top job completed by a decent bloke, many thanks!!!!!”  To see the rebuild click here.


  • “Guitar George has been sourcing and servicing our equipment for the last 10 years and couldn’t do without him.  Never been disappointed.”                          Simon of “A Thousand Sins”.


  • “Thankyou very much George for fixing, cleaning and re-string my Acoustic guitar, you did a lovely job. It’s a pleasure to be able to play it again.”  (To see the job in full click here).


  • Ukulele nut

“Brilliant! much easier to use now. Thanks” (To see what I did click here).

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