Took my 29 year old YairIvjumbo acoustic to George as it was buzzing on some of the strings. He had a look and did a few tweaks to get it sounding and playing back to it’s old self.
Top man! Thanks George.


“Hi George,Just a note to say thankyou for the great job on my Martin.It sounds a lot better and plays really well.Might even learn to play it properly!   Thanks again”

Martin – Upgrade with Bone nut and bridge saddle


“An absolutely stunning job George, thank you for taking the Steer & turning it into a raging bull, a total joy to play now after spending 10 years as a piece of wall art”

Burns Steer – Fret dress and setup

“Nice job, George thanks very much, my working acoustic for teaching with is back up and running. Appreciate it the cracking job, thanks”
Tanglewood – Detached Bridge

“Absolutely fabulous job on my custom build, with a Fender body and a custom neck. The previous guitar that I had would choke and not sound right when I played it but now with the build that George had done, it sounds beautiful and I am unbelievably grateful to George. Thank You”

Stratocaster – New Neck

“Thanks ‘George’ for the great work plays great now – can highly recommend – it will be out in public tomorrow night at the NAV in Newark”

Gibson Les Paul – Fret Dress

“Great job mate on my long and at times frustrating journey and for making a superb job assembling my 56/58 fender Stratocaster.

This project is building with original parts this iconic instrument.

Your help and workmanship was at all times of the highest quality showing all the necessary skills and integrity on such a personal and important project. Well done and thank you. Russell Moore”

1956/58 Fender Stratocaster – Custom re-build

“I purchased this vintage acoustic to add to my small collection of economy 50’s and 60s styled guitars. Vintage had done a good job regarding the general appearance and finish, yet they clearly hadn’t paid the same attention to its playability which was disappointing.

I was obviously aware it was a very cheap guitar, but had at least expected it to be useable – which it wasn’t. I left the guitar with George to see what he could do with it. When I collected the guitar the improvements George had made (at a very reasonable cost) were unbelievable.

The guitar is now extremely nice to play in every respect and as an unrequested bonus he has also made it sound fantastic. Its playability now has more in common with a high quality guitar. Though never my original intention, I would happily record with this £150.00 guitar, and how often can we say that?”

Vintage – Fret Dress and Setup

“Just a short note to say ‘Thank you’ for the set up you completed on my Squier Strat this week. I’ve been playing it acoustically every night since I collected it and there is a big improvement in ‘playability’ (if that is actually a word) but today I had the house to myself and had it plugged in and turned up. It plays really well and I am very happy with the improvement for what was a relatively modest outlay”

Gibson SG – Bone Nut, service and setup

“I couldn’t be happier with your work the action is awesome and it plays just great. I might have another favourite guitar. Thx again mate always great work”

Martin GPCPA4 with ToneWoodAmp

“So got the guitar back home and have to say it’s awesome what a turn round. Not only have you sorted the looks but the action and sound is awesome.Cheers George you da man”

Chapman Service and Setup

“Mine is the Hybrid Tele that George worked his magic on. 1972 Neck and some other original parts but a homemade body that was truly awful. It was unplayable! I asked him to use as much of the original guitar as he could. He did and gave the rest a modern twist. I didn’t want to pretend the whole guitar was original and with Georges advice I couldn’t be happier with the result. A true one-off. I think it looks gorgeous and the tones available are great.

Thanks so much for your skill George. It was a real pleasure talking over the project with you and then the end result was way better than I dared hope. You are the man! Thanks.”

Telecaster – Rebuild

“From new this lovely guitar just wasn’t right. I had tried various string gauges and as the guitar came with two bridges, a floating ebony one and a “tune-o-matic” one, for some reason I wasn’t happy with either. Also the binding of the strings needed professional attention particularly as I wanted to change to a heavier gauge. I’m totally happy with the adjustments George has made. Many thanks George for a super service!”
Ibanez – Setup

“Very happy with the work George has done. Was about to throw the guitar into the back of the garage and buy a new one. As good as new. Will definitely be back with more guitars!”

Ibanez RG – Service and Setup

“And plays a lot better love this guitar, I’d recommend George 100% bb”

Epiphone Les Paul – Fret Dress and Bone Nut

“I took my prized Gibson Les Paul to George as the frets were a little uneven and causing buzzing on some notes. He recommended a fret dress/levelling in addition to a full set up. I got my guitar back today and I am blown away by how well it plays now. George has done a fantastic job.

The frets look/feel as good as new and the set up is perfect! I’m really pleased with the result and highly recommend Guitar George for all your guitar maintenance and repairs.

In addition to the top notch service George is also a really nice, friendly guy!”

Les Paul – Fret Dress and Setup

“I purchased this pretty Giannini guitar off eBay purely for its looks, which was just as well as it was the most difficult guitar to play I have ever owned; anyone playing it could be forgiven for believing it had simply been designed to hang on a wall. I fitted new tuning pegs, a Hofner bridge and tail piece which instantly improved its looks – and I have to admit it went from playing horribly to playing horribly and looking great.

A friend advised me to either replace the lower pick up with a clock and keep it on the wall or to get it set up by Guitar George, I chose the latter and I am so pleased with the result. George did a brilliant job, he changed the guitar from being at best a great stage prop to becoming a budget guitar that now out-performs many premium brands costing several times its initial purchase price, for a very reasonable set up cost.”

Giannini – Fret dress, bone nut and setup

“I’d bought this guitar on line because it looked great and I knew the build quality to be excellent. I’ve owned quite a few high end guitars over many years, so know what feels right and this one felt very WRONG!
Robin Hood would have been proud of the bow in the neck and I knew it was a job for an expert.
I keyed in “guitar repairs in Lincolnshire” on my computer and found George, who turned out to be an unassuming guy with the ability to quickly diagnose and fix the problems at an agreed price and within his estimated time frame.
George has transformed this beautiful but unplayable gee-tar into a musical instrument to treasure.
My grateful thanks to a top guitar technician”
Texas Custom Telecaster – Setup.