Gibson SG – new pickups

    I’ve got one of these on my wish list, one day! In the meantime I’ve got this one on the bench to upgrade.  It’s had the pickups swapped once already, unfortunately that caused a few problems in itself. One of the problems was with the Push-Push pot’ used to coil tap the neck […]

Epiphone Casino – Rebuild

What a lovely guitar.  It’s seen some action though, so needs a little bit of work.  The owner’s decided rather than just a little TLC he want’s to go the whole hog and have some serious upgrades along the way as well… The pickups are already out, the covers are away being re-chromed. It’s missing a strap button […]

PRS – Re-fret

I don’t quite know why, but PRS have never really done it for me.  This one has bits I rather like though, and some that are truly awful! Here’s the problem though, probably the most worn frets I’ve ever come across. They’re beyond a fret-dress, they need to be replaced.  A little bit of heat helps […]

Chapman – Service and Setup

I’ve not come across one of these before, rather nice though.  This one just needs a service and setup and it’ll be good as new. The biggest problem it’s got is rather self inflicted.  Someone took a sticker off it with a Brillo pad, or something equally as bad.  It’s left some really deep scratches […]

Vintage Acoustic – Fret Dress and Setup

Now there’s a great looking guitar.  A real nod the 1960’s. I quite like Vintage guitars, they’re normally quite well made guitars but this one isn’t so good….. It’s got some very uneven frets. To really lift the tone I’m also going to replace the plastic bridge saddle with a bone one. Along with a […]

Gretsch Black Falcon – Fret Dress and Setup

Wow, another big bodied Semi-Acoustic to play with!  This one needs a lot more work to get it playing properly mind you. Some of the frets are very uneven so they’ll need levelling if it’s ever going to play nicely. Before removing the strings it’s always a good idea to mark exactly where the floating […]