Fender Stratocaster – All new electrics

Here’s a nice looking Strat’.  A rather nice upgrade with a new pick-guard and a set of Iron Gear Pickups.

It’s also got a problem with one of the saddle height screws.

A new set will sort that out.

The new pickups are switchable with a Low/High output so I’m going to fit three Push-Push pots.  The holes need to be just teased out a little, for the slightly larger size pots.

That’s the pick-guard fully loaded, ready to fit.

There it is, in place.

While the strings are off it’s always a good time to give the fret-board a good clean.

And with the strings back, a standard 5 point setup.

The neck had way too much curve.

so tighten up the truss-rod.

Having fitted new saddle height screws they were never going to be right.

so bring them up a lump, starting with the outside “E” strings.

Followed by the rest, to match the fret-board radius.

The action back at the 1st fret was fine.

The intonation was about right

But the pickup heights were nowhere near, since I’ve only just fitted them.

There we are.  The middle pot in the UP position, low power.  with a standard 5 way switch giving lots of options.

So there it is.  I rather like that one.

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