Kramer – Fret Dress and setup

How’s that for a guitar finish!  Wow,  I’m not sure if it’s quite my cup of tea but I just love it.  Sadly it’s just not playing very well, there’s quite a bit of fret buzz high up the neck. The problem lies in the frets, some of them are just a little uneven.  To uneven […]

Gibson Les Paul – Fret Dress and setup

Wow, what a great guitar.  And a fantastic example of a great guitar at that!  It’s seen some action though, and needs a little TLC to bring it back to life. The frets are a little worn up at the paying end so that’ll need sorting out for a start. In preparation for a fret dress, off with […]

Epiphone Les-Paul – Fret Dress

Nice looking guitar, just not playing right. The problem is with a couple of rather uneven frets. Unless they’re sorted out it’s never going to play well. With the strings off and the neck levelled it’s just a case of grinding the frets down to the lowest common point. You can see where the 4th, […]

Ibanez RG – Fret Dress and Setup

I generally rate Ibanez guitars, but this one’s not so good.  It’s got some very uneven frets. The only way to get it playing properly is to dress them all, to get a common level.  It’s always easiest to do that with the neck off the guitar. There we go, taped up and levelled. As […]

Vintage Acoustic – Fret Dress and Setup

Now there’s a great looking guitar.  A real nod the 1960’s. I quite like Vintage guitars, they’re normally quite well made guitars but this one isn’t so good….. It’s got some very uneven frets. To really lift the tone I’m also going to replace the plastic bridge saddle with a bone one. Along with a […]

Gibson – Low Fret

Now this is a lovely guitar, a pity it’s just got that Gibson inconsistency about it.  Some of the frets are rather uneven. The first one’s particularly low. The only way to really sort that lot out is with a fret-dress.  There we go, with the fretboard flat, the nut removed and taped up to […]

Telecaster rebuild

Wow, an interesting mix of old and new.  The neck is genuine Fender, but I don’t know about the rest.  The body’s probably the heaviest Telecaster I’ve ever come across. I’m going to fit the neck to a new body with a mix of old and new hardware. The first stage is to sort out the […]