Burns Steer – Setup

What a great looking guitar.  I’ve never really liked Burns guitars but this one’s rather lovely. It’s an odd sort of thing, It’s got a sound hole, but there really isn’t any sound coming out of it? Some of the frets are a little worn…. and just a little uneven. A fret dress will sort out […]

Fender Showmaster – Fret-dress and setup

What  beautiful piece of wood.  Sadly it’s a little worn and actually wasn’t very well built in the first place, but I can sort all that out… As I say, some of the frets up at the paying end are rather worn. Some of the frets are way off.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a […]

Epiphone Casino – Rebuild

What a lovely guitar.  It’s seen some action though, so needs a little bit of work.  The owner’s decided rather than just a little TLC he want’s to go the whole hog and have some serious upgrades along the way as well… The pickups are already out, the covers are away being re-chromed. It’s missing a strap button […]

Kramer – Fret Dress and setup

How’s that for a guitar finish!  Wow,  I’m not sure if it’s quite my cup of tea but I just love it.  Sadly it’s just not playing very well, there’s quite a bit of fret buzz high up the neck. The problem lies in the frets, some of them are just a little uneven.  To uneven […]

Gibson Les Paul – Fret Dress and setup

Wow, what a great guitar.  And a fantastic example of a great guitar at that!  It’s seen some action though, and needs a little TLC to bring it back to life. The frets are a little worn up at the paying end so that’ll need sorting out for a start. In preparation for a fret dress, off with […]