Les Paul – Final Assembly

What a great guitar!  A friend of mine has been working on an Epiphone Les Paul.  He’s done some fantastic work on the finish.  It’s a gorgeous satin finish with just enough of the natural wood showing through.  Pity, but the photographs don’t really do it justice!  I was called in at the last minute […]

Custom built Telecaster

I like a project I can get my teeth into. Got handed a box of bits to put together.  Some very nice parts there as well. First thing then, does the neck fit the body?  Not quite. The neck pocket just need teasing out a little.  Nothing much, but I don’t want to force it. The heads […]

Epiphone Casino – Rebuild

What a lovely guitar.  It’s seen some action though, so needs a little bit of work.  The owner’s decided rather than just a little TLC he want’s to go the whole hog and have some serious upgrades along the way as well… The pickups are already out, the covers are away being re-chromed. It’s missing a strap button […]

Gibson ES335 – Setup

What a beautiful instrument,  Gibson seem to be doing a bit better with their quality these days, just needs a tweek here and there to make the most of it. It looks like Gibson are finally getting their act together, the frets are nice and even at least. It’s even got a nice Bone nut.   […]

Fender Precision Bass – Setup

A great looking guitar, just not playing at all well.  I didn’t really need to measure the action, more like a step-ladder to reach it! Yeh, that’s possibly the highest action I’ve ever seen, even on a Bass. The bridge saddles were quite low though, and those pickups are rather close to the strings. While […]

PRS Pickups

Wiring not really your thing?  Just getting inside some of these things can be a bit of a pain.  Once you get it all out it’s quite simple. This one had just a few minor problems, easily sorted. Getting the parts back together is the hardest part….