Strat’ – Setup

Here’s a rather nice Stratocaster, just needed a bit of a tweek on the setup.

White U S Fender Stratocaster on the bench awaiting a service and setup

It’s got some nice pickups as well.

Close up photograph of Lace Sensor Pickup fitted to a Fender Stratocaster

Although for an American made Strat they got some basics wrong, the neck is on a little wonky.  Since the neck will come off to adjust the truss-rod I’ll sort that out when I put it back.

Looking along a wonky neck of a fender stratocaster

With the neck removed from the guitar, bolted onto the jig and re-strung……

A fender Stratocaster neck bolted on to a Stew MacDonanld neck jig

I can assess the neck relief…….

Measuring the neck relief on a Fender Stratocaster

and adjust the truss-rod.

Adjusting the truss rod on the heel of a Stratocaster neck whilst bolted on to a Stew Macdonald neck jig

When I put the neck back on I made sure this time that it was lined up properly.

the strings on a fender Stratocaster with the neck now correctly alligned

With the neck and strings back next I sorted out the height of the bridge saddles….

Measuring the action heigh at the 12th fret on a fender stratocaster

starting with the outside “E” strings…..

Adjusting the saddle height on a fender stratocaster

and then the rest, to match the radius across the fret-board.

Adjusting the saddle heights on a fender stratocaster to match the radius of the fretboard

Next the action at the first fret, a little high….

Measuring the action height at the first fret on a fender stratocaster

So cut the nut slots a little deeper.

Cutting the nut slots a little deeper on a fender stratocaster

And then the intonation.

Adjusting the Intonation screws on a fender stratocsaster

A last check of the pickup heights and its good to go…

Looking at the pickup heights on a fender stratocaster

All ready to Rock n Roll…

A white U S made Fender Stratocaster

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