Schecter – Bent bridge

Fret Buss? there can be several reasons for that,  this Schecter had a problem that I’d never encountered before…

Schecter 7 string guitar before repair by Guitar-George

I’ve never encountered a bridge so bent out of shape.

Badly bent schecter bridge

The top should be flat, with a curved bottom…

Badly bent bridge from a 7 string Schecter Guitar

I can’t fix that so it had to be replaced, there’s the new one, flat top, curved bottom.

Replacement bridge for 7 String Schecter Guitar

That brings the radius of the bridge back up to match the radius of the fret-board.  To bring it all together a full setup will have it all playing nicely again.

Schecter 7 string with new bridge fitted by Guitar-George

There is is, ready to rock and roll.

Schecter 7 string guitar after service and repair by Guitar-George


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