Re-String: £10 + Choice of strings (starting at £7.50)

Professional Guitar Setup: from £40    (To see full details of a setup click Here)

Fret Dressing: Form £120    (To see full details of a fret dress click here).

Fret Replacement: From £250    (To see full details of a re-fret click here).

Nut Replacement: From £40  (To see and example of a nut replacement click here).

Electric or Acoustic Pickup Installation/Replacement:  From £40 + parts

Output Jack Replacement: From £30 + parts

Selector Switch Replacement: From £40 + parts

Volume/Tone Control Replacement: From £30 + parts

Complete Rewire of Pickups, Switches, Vol & Tone Controls: From £75 + parts                        (to see an example of a complete re-wire I’ve done click here).

For repairs, large or small, please call or e-mail for a quote.