Want a Guitar that's Better than New?

Do you want a brighter sharper tone, or a real heavy metal high output? Or do you have an old guitar that you think is fit for nothing but the bin?

You might spend £300-£400 on a new guitar and it still might not play and sound right. I can dress your frets (making the action as sweet as anything you can buy new), replace the pickups and re-wire the entire guitar to make it better than new.

If you’ve fantasised about a spectacular one-off guitar, I also offer custom paint finishes and wraps.

Also if you have an old cherished friend of a guitar that you think is fit for nothing but the bin, call me first! I also offer full renovation services. 

Fret Dress Guitar George

Upgrades for your Guitar

Fret Dress Guitar George

Fret Dress

Guitar not playing well?  Can’t get the low action you want without the strings buzzing? It could be that you have some uneven frets. A Fret Dress will help solve these problems. 

New Hardware by Guitar George

New Hardware

Want to improve your hardware?Perhaps you have a Squire Stratocaster and want better quality USA parts?   I can do a direct swap for better quality parts or conversions to other designs.

Replacement Pickup Guitar George

Replacement Pick Up

Not happy with the sound of your Guitar? Why not upgrade to better or different pickup? I can replace your pick ups to give you a new improved sound.

Bone Nut Replacement by Guitar George

Bone Nut Replacement

One of the easiest ways of making your Guitar sound cleaner and sharper with more sustain is to replace the nut with one made of Bone.  I’ll take you guitar and make a new nut by hand from Bone.

Take a look at some of my latest Upgrades

PRS – Fret Dress and Setup

I can't say I've ever really been a fan of PRS Guitars, they're normally better than this one though.  This one has some rather uneven frets so it's never going …

What are the best replacement pickups?

A question I often get asked:  What are the best replacement guitar pickups available to upgrade my Guitar? Quite simple:  Radioshop Pickups.  They make a fantastic range of hand wound pickups …

Jackson – Service and setup

I seem to be having a short run of this sort of thing, not quite my cup of tea though.  This one has a few problems as well, just needs …


“George transformed my Fender Showmaster with a fret dress/level and set-up at a very fair price. Loving it!”

Absolutely Stunning

An absolutely stunning job George, thank you for taking the Steer & turning it into a raging bull, a total joy to play now after spending 10 years as a piece of wall art

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