Gretsch – Full setup

Those that know me will know I love a semi-acoustic, particularly Gretsch, and these ones coming out now are fantastic.  Sadly the setup on this one wasn’t great.

While the strings are off is the easiest time to oil the fretboard.

The heads were also just a little loose as well.


So with a new set of strings fitted re-measure the neck relief.

As is often the case, a little too curved so tighten the truss-rod a little

With that done the action at the 12th fret is now a little low

so I raised the bridge a little.

Next double check the action at the first fret, which was fine.

Lastly the intonation and pickup heights.  Very rarely do guitars come of the factory, any factory, with the intonation set properly

So there it is, ready to rock!

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