Gibson SG – new pickups



I’ve got one of these on my wish list, one day!

In the meantime I’ve got this one on the bench to upgrade.  It’s had the pickups swapped once already, unfortunately that caused a few problems in itself.

One of the problems was with the Push-Push pot’ used to coil tap the neck pickup.  It was too tall to fit inside the control cavity, so the back-plate didn’t fit.  Luckily the owner found a shallower one that should fit properly.

That’s the pot there..

Spot the odd man out.  Not only does it not fit in the cavity but it has an 18 spine shaft rather than 24 so the control knob didn’t fit properly either.

That’s new pickups in place.  Sounding great, both coil tapped, looking and sounding great.  And the pot’s fit as well.

All it needs now is a standard 5 point setup and it will feel and play as well as it sounds and looks.

And there it is.

For anything else just check out the rest of the website or give me a call.

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