Fret replacement

There comes a point when frets are beyond dressing.  At this point you could either throw the guitar away, replace the neck or I could replace the existing frets with new ones.

Not only are these frets very worn but the fingerboard is also dirty and pitted.


The first thing to do is gently pull the old frets and sand the fingerboard to a decent, even and level finish.



Once the board is level I’ll re-cut the fret slots to make sure they are all deep enough.


Once that’s done add a little lemon oil to bring back some life to the wood.


Insert new frets..


File the fret ends to a nice flush finish..


Of course there is no guarantee that the frets will be level so a fret dress and setup will always be needed and is included in the price of a fret replacement.  To see an example of a full fret dress click here.


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