Fender Strat – Not holding tune

This really is a beautiful guitar.  It’s been through my workshop before but it’s not behaving as well as you would like with a guitar at this level.  It doesn’t seem to want to hold it’s tuning very well.  I think it’s the usual problem but the owner assures me that he never uses the tremolo so to start with I’m going to hard tail that.

It’s quite a simple job.  Just cut a small piece of wood and glut it here in the tremolo pocket.

It needs to fit exactly between the opening and the trem’ block.  Then just tighten the screws at the claw so that the trem’ sits tightly against it and doesn’t move.

Back to the most common cause of tuning stability problems, the nut.  if the strings don’t move easily through the slots and stick then every time you bend a string it will end up loose and sounding flat.  The sots were probably cut for a narrower gauge of strings.

And there it is.  Looking good and hopefully staying in tune now…

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