Epiphone Firebird Bass Guitar

Epiphone Firebird – High fret

Hight frets?  That can be sorted quite easily…

Gibson firebird some work

A single fret isn’t something I would normally do on it’s own but there’s always an exception to the rule.  This Firebird had just one slightly high fret.

Slightly high fret on a Gibson Firebird

As there is just one odd fret I took just a little off the top..

Filing down the top of a hight fret on a Gibson Firebird

Enough to level them all..

Assessing the height of a single fret

Of course it needs to be re-crowned (the top rounded off again).

Re-crowning the top of a dressed fret

and then re-polished.

Polishing the top of a single fret after dressing and re-crowning

The Setup was also out by quite a bit…

Assessing the neck relief on a Gibson Firebird

so tighten up the truss-rod.

Adjusting the truss-rodon a Gibson Firebird

Next the action up at the 12th fret…

Assessing the string action height on a Gibson Firebird

and the action at the 1st fret…

A very high action at the first fret of a Gibson Firebird

Rather high…

Assesing the 1st fret action height on a Gibson Fiebird Bass

So take down the nut slots a little..

Filing down the fret nut slots on a Gibson Firebird Bass

Lastly the intonation…

Adjusting the intonation of a Gibson Firebird Bass

And there it is, ready to go….

Gibson Firebird Bass after being worked on by Guitar George


A word or two from the owner:  “Thanks you so much guitar George for setting up my epiphone thunder Bird bass and fixing the falt on my fret bord. Very good price and Super friendly bloke too. Will definitely use you again. ”


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