I can undertake all kinds of repair work to your electric guitar, from a simple switch replacement to a complete re-wire. These are just some of the repairs I have completed: Replace a broken jack socket…. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Replace a broken pickup selector switch…. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Completely replacing all the wiring, including the pickups, on a 2011 Les Paul Custom…. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Complete re-wire of a Gibson Flying V…. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Track down and clean the noisy switches and vol/tone controls on a USA Stratocaster…. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Re-build from scratch the electrics for a 1960s Watkins Rapier…. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Track down and cure an excessive “hum” from a USA Telecaster (a poor earth)…. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Completely re-wire an Epiphone Emperor….. SANY0011                To see a run-down of my most recent repair projects click here.