Custom built Telecaster

I like a project I can get my teeth into. Got handed a box of bits to put together.  Some very nice parts there as well.

First thing then, does the neck fit the body?  Not quite.

The neck pocket just need teasing out a little.  Nothing much, but I don’t want to force it.

The heads need to be fitted accurately, so I use a steel rule to get them lined up nicely.

Looks good.

I always use bone for the nut, I still don’t think you can beat it.  You can get a pre-shaped one, although the curve underneath doesn’t always match the radius of the slot.  A little bit of sticky backed sandpaper on the fretboard to sand it to the right shape.

They can be a little long as well, so need a little off the end.

There it is.  Rather tall so the top will need to be taken off a bit, but I can’t do that until I know how deep to cut the string slots.

Back to the body then, starting with the ash-tray tail.  Not forgetting the all important earth wire.

There it is.

I need that in place to check out the neck alignment.  I use heavy gauge thread to check the line.

Clamping the neck into the right place before drilling and screwing it together.

Next then the electrics.  It came with some good quality pots’, trouble is the holes are too small….

Gently ream them out to fit.

Pretty simple standard Tele’ wiring.

A nice set of Bare Knuckles, so it should sound as good as it looks.

Then there are the odd little bits and pieces, strap buttons etc.

With it all together all in needs now is a standard setup….

Starting with the neck set…

The action at the 12th fret…

by adjusting the bridge saddle heghts

starting with the outside “E”s and then the others to match the radius of the fretboard.

Back to that nut, hay too tall!

so cut the slots down

which eaves the nut looking like a set of dragon’s teeth!

so file it back down to a proper shape.

And there it is, ready to go..  What a great looking and sounding guitar, if I do say so myself.

For anything else you may need check out

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