Epiphone Casino – Radioshoppickups

What a lovely guitar, see you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a really nice guitar!  The owner brought this one round with some lovely upgrades from the start.

It’s a nice guitar from the start, but I love the ideas this guy had…


A couple of cosmetic changes, a black pick-guard, new control knobs and switch tip.

Also a new bridge.  The original is OK, but not great.  The tolerances in the screws are just a little slack, leading to some buzzing.  The new one was much tighter, much easier to work with.

The bit that’s going to make the difference are the pickups.  From Radioshop, I just love what these guys are doing.  If you want to see more about what they can do, follow the link to http://www.radioshoppickups.com

Out with the old…

and in with the new…

Unfortunately I got so carried away with how fantastic it sounded I forgot to take any more pictures, Doh!!

If you want to see more then check out the following YouTube link…Casino Pickup Upgrade.  Alternatively just go to http://www.radioshoppickups.com

For anything else just check out http://www.guitar-george.co.uk


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