Telecaster – Refurb’

This has to be the heaviest Tele’ I’ve ever come across.  It’s big old chunk of pine (I think) and a solid brass pick-guard.

It’s got a few intermittent electrical faults, that wiring doesn’t look too good, and I think the outside of the braded cable was shorting against the wiring on the pots’

It’s also missing the pickup springs…        

Generally tidied up and insulated a little better.

and a new set of springs.

The jack socket wasn’t working either.  Odd really, I couldn’t actually see what was wrong with it, but a new one fixed it.

With the electrics sorted it just needs a bit of a clean and setup.

Just a little lemon-oil goes a long way.

The neck relief was about right..

But the action at the 12th fret a little low…

So raise the bridge saddles a little, starting with the outside “E” strings…

and then the others, to match the fret-board radius.

Next the action at the 1st fret, about right.

and the Intonation.

Now that the action is right, a last tweek of the pickup heights.

   What a great guitar, just a little heavy!  

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