Martin – Partial Re-Fret

Here’s a nice one.  It’s been well looked after but well used.

The frets are rather worn.

As ever it’s worse at the paying end.

First thing first, out with the nut.

and then out with the old frets.  A little heat often helps to loosen things off a little.

then in with the end nippers, to gently wiggle the old fret out

I pulled the first 7 in the end, from then on they’re OK.

With the frets out it also makes it easy to clean the fretboard.

Put a gentle curve in the new fret wire, just slightly more than the curve of the fretboard.

Gently tap it into place.

…and snip the ends roughly flush with the side of the neck.

Next tape up the fret-board to protect it while I level the fret tops.

concentrating on the new frets.

Once the tops are level, re-crown them.

With that done, tidy up the fret ends.  As gently as possible, so not to damage the side of the neck.

With the new frets level, rounded and the ends tidied up they just need re-polishing.

A splash of lemon oil on the fret-board will finish it off nicely.

A new set of strings and re-set the truss-rod and it’s good to go.

If there’s anything else you need just check out

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