Gretsch – Setup

I do love a big semi-acoustic. For a Chinese made guitar these are excellent value.  This one’s been fiddled around with a little though, so it needs a setup.

It’s fairly new so doesn’t really need any cleaning as such, but a splash of lemon oil never goes amiss.

A little polish on the top before fitting new strings.  The bridge is pinned on this one so there’s no problem in getting the position right.

So with a new set of strings fitted a 5 point setup is al that’s needed.

  1.  The neck relief..

2.  The action at the 12th fret.

3.  The action at the first fret.

4.  The intonation.

5.  The pickup heights.

There it is, ideal for a bit of rockabilly action.

If there is anything else you need then check out

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