Gretsch – Bridge, Nut and Bigsby update

I like these, great value, really well made although there are some slight problems.

Much as I love a Bigsby they do have one or 2 weak points.  The first one is not staying in tune, or more correctly not returning to tune once you use the trem.

Part of the problem is the bridge saddles and the friction there.  By replacing the bridge for one with roller saddles.  

A really easy swap, one off one on.

It also niggles me that the arm travel is limited by the lug one the swivel.

A simple enough job to file it away..

Now the arm is free to swivel all the way up.

While I’m at it the other reason guitars don’t seem to stay in tune is the nut and the strings sticking there.

I much prefer Bone to any other material so, using the old nut as a guide cut and shape a new one.

There it is, with a more flexible tremolo arm.

For anything else you may need go to

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