Epiphone – Fret Dress and Setup

I rather like these, I’m always a sucker for a semi-acoustic.

This one’s brand new but sadly isn’t playing very well.

the pickups still even have the plastic film on them.

The biggest problem is in the frets, some of them a very uneven..

So out with the nut…

and level the neck.

Tape it up to protect it.

Using the calibrated beam to grind the fret tops down to a common level.

You can see as I started where all the high spots are.

Once all the fret tops are even they just need to be rounded off again.

and then re-polished.

a spot of Lemon Oil on the fretboard.

Back to that nut.  Rather than put the plastic one back I’m going to make a new bone one.

First get it to the right thickness..

and then get it cut to the right length and squared off.

About like that…

Then got the top to the right shape.

with an angle on the back edge.

With it in place mark the string positions.

So with a new set of strings all it needs now is a standard 5 point setup.  Starting with the neck set.

with a twist on the truss-rod.

next the action at the 12th fret.

starting at the outside “E” strings….

followed by the other strings, to match the radius of the fretboard.

Back to that new nut.  Now is the time to cut the string slots down to the right depths.

With the string action all sorted set the intonation.  It turns out that the bridge is basically in the wrong place by about 5-6mm, I had to take the springs out to move the saddles far enough backwards.

Lastly, the pickup heights.  To make sure their outputs are balanced.

And there it is.  Can’t say better than new, as it is new, just better!

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A word or 2 from the owner:

“It plays well now thanks to George”

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