Fender Precision Bass – Setup

I often get asked if I can set up a Bass guitar.  The simple answer is yes, there’s no real difference. Some of the numbers may be a little different but the principles are exactly the same.  It’s the same 5 point setup….

No.1  The neck relief.

By adjusting the truss-rod.

No.2  The action at the 12th fret.

By adjusting the bridge saddle heights.  Starting with the outside strings and then the others, to match the radius of the fretboard.

No.3  The action at the first fret, cutting the string slots in the nut if needed.

No.4  The Intonation, the relative position of the saddle up and down the string.  

No.5  the pickup heights.  Fairly subjective, to make sure the outputs from he pickups are even and balanced, bass/treb’

So there it is.  Set up nicely now.

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