Simon & Patrick acoustic – Reduce action height

Not the greatest of guitars, but could still play a lot better.  It just needs the action height bringing down a little….

Before I take the strings off I like to set the neck relief where it should be, so I can tell exactly how high the bridge is.

Now I know exactly how much to take off the bottom of the bridge saddle.

While the strings are off the fret-board needs a good clean…    

and oil….

So back to that bridge saddle, that’s how much that’s got to come off the bottom…

Got a new tool to make this really easy.  Just clamp it in place with the bit you want to remove sticking out…

and file it down on a flat surface.

This leaves the bottom perfectly flat and square, easy paesy…..

I’ve changed the gauge of the strings which means the neck set will have changed.

so another slight change on the truss-rod.

Hopefully it all comes together with the right action back up at the 12th fret, which it did.

Then the action back up at the 1st fret.  That was a little high as well,

so cut the slots in the nut down a little…

And there it is, ready for action and playing nicely now.

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