Fender Stratocaster – Hard Tail

This is a rather nice US Strat, just needs a little tweek here and there.  The basic setup wasn’t far off ,although the intonation was all over the place.

The owner also didn’t like the tremolo, he doesn’t really use it so I’m going to block it off.

You can just clamp the trem’ claw springs all the way in, but if you want to maximise the sustain you need to fit a wooden block that will sit between the trem’ block and the body.

It needs to fit the gap exactly, so has to be cut and shaped accurately.

  Just like that.    

A little bit of glue to hold it in place.  Although once the trem’ is re-fitted and the springs tightened up it’s never going to move.

There it is, with the trem’ re-fitted and the springs tightened fully.

It’s not going to move now.

All it needs now is full 5 point setup…..

There it is, rockin’ better than ever, with a nice solid tail.

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