Gibson les-Paul – Fret Dress

A nice one here, just a little worn…

You can see the worn spots here…

So off with the strings, level the neck and tape it up to protect it while I’m working.

I believe in doing the whole lot together, with adhesive backed sandpaper and a calibrated beam.

You can see there were some low points as well.

That’s just about done…

All I need to do now is to round off the tops of each fret.

And then re-polish them.

There we go, look at that….

All it needs now is a standard 5 point setup and it’ll be as good as new, probably better!

So there we are ready to go back into service.

A word or 2 from the owner:

“Thanks ‘George’ for the great work plays great now – can highly recommend – it will be out in public tomorrow night at the NAV in Newark.”

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