Gibson Les Paul – Setup

A nice one this. just needing a little work to get it playing nicely.

Before anything else I like to start with a good clean.

A spot of Lemon Oil to keep the wood in good condition.

So a full setup, starting with the neck relief…

with a small twist on the truss-rod.

Next the action at the 12th fret, a little high…

so drop the bridge down a little.

Then the action up at the first fret, again just a little high.

so cut the slots in the nut a little deeper.

There was also another problem, not staying in tune.  The most common cause of that is a sticky nut.  teasing out the slots will hopefully cure that but, just in case though, a little Guitar Grease.

Next then the Intonation.

and last thing the pickup heights.

And there it is, ready to rock.

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