Larrivee – Low action

Does your guitar buzz playing open chords? at the top of the neck?  It’s probably because the slots in the nut are too low.  The proper answer is to replace the nut but a quick fix can be achieved….

It’s got a nice bone nut, but the action is way too low.  As I say, the ideal option is to replace the nut and start again.  However, a quick fix can be achieved…

Firstly clean out the existing nut slots, to remove and grease etc.

Then put in some bone dust.  I save the dust created when I file down new nuts and saddles.  You can achieve the same thing with baking soda.

Compress it a little, to make sure it’s packed in tightly.

and then drop in some thin superglue.

Once it’s completely dry, put the strings back.

Re-cut the slots to the right depth, into the new material.

And there we are.  A decent action and not buzzing.

Playing well now.

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