Martin GPCPA4 – ToneWoodAmp

This Martin needs a little bit of work, the action is rather high.  That’s easily fixed but I was amazed by the box of magic that the owner also wanted to add.

The action was very high, a pity on such a nice guitar.

Before taking the saddle down it’s important to make sure the neck relief is right.

with a twist of the truss-rod.  

Having decided how much the action needs to be reduced by, the strings need to come off to get the saddle out.

That’s how much that needs to come off the bottom.

Easiest way to do that is with the grinding wheel…

While the strings are off I might as well give the fretboard a good clean.

with some 0000 grade steel wool…

and a splash of lemon-oil to bring a little life back.

And then there’s this little tinker…   

which goes in there… It has 4 strong magnets and hold in place with double sided sticky pads.

The magnets are for the ToneWoodAmp to clamp on to the back of the guitar…

So that’s it ready to go…

To see and hear what it sounds like just click here….

And a word or 2 from the owner..

“I couldn’t be happier with your work the action is awesome and it plays just great. I might have another favourite guitar )) Thx again mate always great work )) .”

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