Eternal Guitar – Sticky Switch

I don’t often get calls emergency calls, but I’m always willing to help gigging musicians if I possibly can.  I got a call on Friday from a tech’ needing a little help.  Got a guitar with a sticky switch and not enough time to strip it down and change it.

As it goes it was a fairly simple fix and didn’t need replacing.  So a quick tweek, a new set of strings and it was good to Rock ‘N’ Roll.

 So there it is, back in the rack, ready for the gig in Lincoln Castle.      

Bobby Harrison, re-united with “Tommy”.  Glad to see I’m not the only one that names his guitars!

I don’t often get to see guitars I’ve worked on in action, what a great night out..

I just hope when I’m in my 70’s I can still “Move It” like good old Cliff.

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