Fender Stratocaster – Service and Setup

What a lovely old Strat.  In need of a little TLC but basically sound…

The bridge is all a little manky, rather corroded, but I’m sure that can be sorted.

It’s just a case of taking it all apart and getting the wire brush in there.

That’s better, just needs setting up again.

Another thing I noticed.  The neck isn’t on straight.  At the last fret the strings are a lot closer to the treble side than the Bass.

It’s quite simple to sort. in most cases just slacken the screws and ease the neck over.  If the neck pocket it a little tight then a little more might be needed.

That’s better.

All it needs now is a 5 point setup.

  1. The neck set…

2.  The action at the 12th Fret.

Back to those saddle screws, that I cleaned and didn’t put back exactly right.  

Start with the outside “E”s and then the others, to match the fretboard radius.

3.  The action at the 1st Fret.

4.  The intonation.

Lastly the pickup heights and there it is, ready for action.

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