The Ventures

Now here’s a good looking guitar, I rather like it.

As with lots of these Korean guitars, it’s not terribly well built.  I’ve seen a lot worse, and I’m sure it can be sorted out.

The trem’ is a little high and the owner want’s it blocked to only go down.  That’ll make sure it returns to pitch much more reliably.

What it needs is a small block of wood,  to fit the gab between the body and the trem’ block.

The gap isn’t quite even either. I need about 1.5mm at one end and 2.5mm at the other.

About like that…

With the springs in place the trem’ block will sit nicely against it.

The pickups were also rather low.

There are no springs, just thick foam pads.  I’ve put a couple wood blocks underneath which will raise them up a little.

That’s a little better.  We’ll see how they sound once I’ve finished the setup.

No.1 then, the neck relief.

Just a little high, so just a tweek on the truss-rod, to flatten it out a touch.

No.2 The action at the 12th Fret.  Rather low

So up with the bridge just slightly.

Then adjust the others, to match the radius of the fretboard.

No.3  The action at the 1st Fret.  Rather high..

so cut down the slots in the nut.

No.4 the Intonation.  So that it plays in tune all the way up the neck.

Lastly the pickup heights.  I’ve already raised them quite a bit, I just need to make sure the outputs are balanced.

So there it is.  Much more playable now.

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