Ibanez RG – Service and Setup

Not quite my cup of tea, but a very nice piece of wood…

It’s got a common problem, not returning to pitch when you use the trem’.  These Floyd Rose Tremolo units can be a little temperamental.

It’s also missing a spring, it’s dropped out somewhere apparently. I pretty sure I know where it’ll be…..  

and there it is, stuck to the magnet.  That was easy.

Back to the tremolo, which could be a little more tricky.  A good cleanup will normally sort 95% of problems.

There’s the problem.  The whole unit basically balances on a knife edge, they end to wear out and flatten off

Gently cleaning the edge up, and taking off the rough burr should sort it out.

While the strings are off it’s nice to give the frets and fretboard a good clean.  

and a spot of Lemon-Oil.

With it all back together the trem’ was sitting just a little high….

so tighten the claw screws a turn or two.

That’s better.

Once that’s all done just run through a standard setup..

The neck relief…

with a twist on the truss-rod.

The action at the 12th fret…

by adjusting the bridge height.

The action up at the 1st fret was fine, but the Intonation was way off.   It would be, I took each of the saddles out to clean them!

Lastly the pickup heights.

And there it is, another one ready to go….

For anything else you may need check out my website http://www.guitar-george.co.uk

A word or 2 from the owner:

“Very happy with the work George has done. Was about to throw the guitar into the back of the garage and buy a new one. As good as new!

 Will definitely be back with more guitars!”


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