Columbus – Service and Setup

I do love big semi-acoustics, and you don’t have to spend a huge amount to get a nice one…

This one’s pretty good.

I’m sure that wiring isn’t original, and its in a rather untidy place.

The volume and tone are rather crackly so they need a good clean.

While the strings are off its also a good time to give the fretboard a clean as well.

with the minor bits sorted all it needs now is a standard setup.

Starting with the neck relief…

by adjusting the truss-rod.

Next the action at the 12th fret..

A little low now so up with the bridge.

The action at the 1st fret was rather low on the bass side, causing some buzzing.

but a little high on the treble side.

Dropping the action is easy, just cut the slot a little deeper.

Bringing the action up is a little more complicated.  Drop some bone dust, or in this case waterbuffalo horn as it’s black.

Pack it down a little and drop in some thin superglue.  Once it dries just file the slot back to the right depth..

Next the intonation

and lastly the pickup heights.

And there it is, ready for action.

For anything else you may need check out

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