Classical Acoustic – New Bridge Saddle and Nut

Got an old favourite that’s a little broken?  This is a bit of an old clunker, but it’s probably got sentimental value to someone, so it can be fixed.

Only having half a bridge saddle is one problem…

and half a nut..

I’m going to make a new saddle from bone.

Likewise the nut.

The blanks are just a little too large so it’s a case of gently grinding them down to fit.

Once it fits snugly in the slot I need to take the height down a little, otherwise the playing action will be too high.

With the saddle done the next step is the nut.  As with the bridge it’s a case of getting the dimensions right.

Starting with the length.

Making sure the ends are square.

That’s about it…..

As with the bridge, I need to get the height right or it’ll be unplayable.

With a slant on the back.

While the strings are off I always like to give the frets a bit of a polish.

All it needs now are some string slots.

And, of course, strings.

There we go, better than new.  Bone nut and saddle rather than cheap plastic.

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