Gibson ES335 – Setup

What a beautiful instrument,  Gibson seem to be doing a bit better with their quality these days, just needs a tweek here and there to make the most of it.

It looks like Gibson are finally getting their act together, the frets are nice and even at least.

It’s even got a nice Bone nut.  

The fretboard was a little dry so a splash of lemon-oil to bring it back to life.

Also while the strings are off, a spot of polish in those hard to get at places.

So all it needs is a standard 5 point setup..

No.1  The neck relief….

A little too much curve so tighten up the truss-rod slightly.

No.2  The action at the 12th fret.  Since I took the bridge off, and probably disturbed the thumb wheels while I was polishing the top, it was never going to be right.  Too high then..

so just ease the pressure off the thumb-wheels by lifting the bridge very gently and wind them down a turn or two.

Just the tool for the job.

No.3  The action at the 1st fret.

Just a little high, so file down the string slots in the nut.

While the strings are out I put a little grease in each slot, make sure the strings slide easily.

No.4  The intonation…

I couldn’t quite get it right, ran out of adjustment…..

The only way to sort that out is to flip the saddles around.

That should do it.

That’s better.

No.5 the Pickup heights.

And there it is.  Now playing as well as looking great.

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