Rickenbacker 330 – Bigsby conversion

I’ve often said that any guitar can be improved by fitting a Bigsby.  I guess that’s not exactly true, but how about this one!

Fitting it isn’t difficult, it’s only 4 screws after all.  As ever the devil is in the detail though!

I’m figuring about there….

Just far enough down to cover up the witness mark made by the original “R” tailpiece.

The other problem is that Rickenbacker tops aren’t flat,  It should just sit on the slope though.

Establishing the centre line is easy as the body’s made from 2 parts and you can see the join.  A 90 degree line to help me square off the roller.

The screw holes are 52mm apart so a reference line 26mm either side of the centreline for the screws.

That puts it right there.  

To double check the lineI used thick thread in place of the “E” strings, all looks good.

so mark the screw holes.

This is always the heart in the mouth moment, taking a drill to the front of a beautiful guitar!

4 screws later and that’s it.  All it needs now is a set of strings.

Doesn’t that just look fantastic!

Yeh, got to love that.  I get a lot of guitars across the bench and there’s always the question “Would I like to keep this one?”  Oh yes!  Perhaps the owner might forget where he left it?  Not going to happen though is it? Oh well.

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