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I have many years of experience working with both acoustic and electric guitars of all kinds. I have my own excellently equipped workshop in Braceridge Heath, just south of Lincoln.

Guitar repairs

I undertake all types of guitar repairs both small and large. So if you’ve had an accident, don’t despair, bring it along and see what I can do! I’ve fixed everything from broken switches to guitars which have come into my workshop in several pieces!
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Electric guitar mods and pickup upgrades:

Do you want your guitar pickups upgraded? Do you want a brighter sharper tone, or a real heavy metal high output? Then I can help….

I only fit the best and recommend Radio Shop Pickups, click here or on their logo to check them out.

Servicing and set up


Bring your guitar in for a bit of pampering to make it look and feel great! Guitars do wear out: frets get worn, switches corrode and become dirty, so a regular service is necessary to keep them in tip-top condition. You probably spend a lot of time and effort maintaining things in your house that are far less important, so why ignore your cherished guitar?

Many new, less-expensive guitars don’t come out of the factory terribly well set up, so even a brand new guitar can really benefit from a setup and a bit of TLC. Even the top manufacturers push out the odd bad guitar that can be significantly improved. Prepare to be wowed by the difference in feel when you get your guitar back!

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“Hi George, Having got home from picking up my guitar, following the work you have carried out and plugged it in, I can only say you have transformed this 8 year guitar which has been played hard most of its live, into the most playable guitar I have held strong words but the Tonality of this guitar is outstanding, many, many thanks.

I would highly recommend you to all guitarists requiring fret dress or any thing you are the man.”

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If you have an old cherished friend of a guitar that you think is fit for nothing but the bin call me first.  The photo below shows a guitar exactly how it was handed to me, with a “Can you do anything with this?”!  It was a long job, but it turned out rather well! For the full story click hereRapier

Hardware Upgrades:

How about a Bigsby for example:

Custom Painting and Finishing

Have you always fantasised about a spectacular one-off guitar you’d love to own? I can undertake custom work including paint finishes an wraps like the ones below….

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I can make you a bespoke guitar

Do you want that special guitar, just for you? I would be happy to meet over a coffee and help you create it. George Harrison had his 12 string Rickenbacker, Lemmy has his Rickenbacker Bass, Hank Marvin has his red Strat’, The Edge has his Gibson Explorer and so on. I can help you get your own look, feel and sound! Start your own trend!  Lead the way, don’t just follow!!!!

 For more details:

Tel: 07906 603476
E-Mail: george@guitar-george.co.uk

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