Guitar Servicing & Repairs in Lincoln

Looking for repairs for a damaged guitar? Need your guitar servicing to make feel just like new? Then I can help.

I’m Guitar George. What do I do? Pretty much everything related to guitars, from restrings to part upgrades, from body work repairs to fret dressings and more.

How I Can Help You

Broken Acoustic Guitar Fixed by Guitar George

Guitar Repairs

If you’ve had an accident with your guitar, don’t despair. I’ve fixed everything from broken switches to guitars which have come into my workshop in several pieces!

Fret Dress Guitar George

Guitar Servicing

Guitars do wear out: frets get worn, switches corrode and become dirty, so a regular service is necessary to keep them in tip-top condition.

New Hardware by Guitar George

Guitar Upgrades & Restoration

Do you want a brighter sharper tone, or a real heavy metal high output? Or do you have an old guitar that you think is fit for nothing but the bin?

Tonality of this guitar is outstanding

“Having got home from picking up my guitar, following the work you have carried out and plugged it in, I can only say you have transformed this 8 year guitar which has been played hard most of its life, into the most playable guitar […] the Tonality of this guitar is outstanding, many, many thanks.”

Recent Projects & Articles

PRS – Fret Dress and Setup

I can't say I've ever really been a fan of PRS Guitars, they're normally better than this one though.  This one has some rather uneven frets so it's never going to play well as it …

What are the best replacement pickups?

A question I often get asked:  What are the best replacement guitar pickups available to upgrade my Guitar? Quite simple:  Radioshop Pickups.  They make a fantastic range of hand wound pickups and come right at the …

Jackson – Service and setup

I seem to be having a short run of this sort of thing, not quite my cup of tea though.  This one has a few problems as well, just needs a little TLC and a …

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